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“leaving things better than we found them”

At DELTA, our mission is clear: to lead the restoration of the environment through groundbreaking ex-situ and in-situ hydrocarbon bioremediation solutions. Guided by our unwavering dedication to merging scientific excellence with nature's resilience, we're revolutionizing how we approach contaminated sites.Our approach offers a smarter, more sustainable solution that ensures a cleaner tomorrow.

With over 25 years of relentless research and development, we've created a technology that blends proprietary microbes, advanced chemistry, and field-proven engineering. By eliminating hydrocarbon contaminants from soil and water, we're not just making an impact today, but also building a resilient future. Join us in nurturing nature's resilience and be part of a legacy that reflects our commitment to environmental restoration.

  • Delta was able to help us with our spill containment for various operations and type of equipment, we were able to get custom sizes for our equipment and their products didn't break the bank.

    Dawn SimmersonFire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd.

  • Wonderful group of guys to work with. Polite and very helpful. They get done what they says they will do with pride and hard work. Trust them to do a great job for all your remediation work

    Carla SidorchukDDC Contracting

  • Delta Remediation under the leadership of Envrionmental Professional Robert Lacey, is truly an inspiring Environmental remediation group. Leading by example, and continually evolving their abilities, led to the alignment and ultimate industry partnership we share.

    Darrell GreenmanVistas de Huatulco Realty Group

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Explore our services to see how our proprietary technology, combining microbes, advanced chemistry, and engineering, is transforming contaminated sites into clean, sustainable environments.

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  • Soil Remediation

    Our soil remediation methods restore contaminated soils by Naturally breaking down harmful pollutants. The removal of contaminants as opposed to the removal of soils allows for the beneficial reuse of soils on site and also saves on project costs through the elimination of transportation tipping fees and backfill . Our proven approaches efficiently eliminate pollutants, contributing to both the commercial and environmental revitalization of a property.

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  • Groundwater & Water Remediation

    Water is the essence of life and it should never be considered a waste. With our groundwater and surface water remediation techniques, we Keep water active both in economies and ecosystems. Treating water can be accomplished effectively in situ with bacteria that thrive in aquatic conditions. BioLogix organisms will break down even the most complex organic contaminants into simple compounds like carbon dioxide and water.

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Safety & Compliance is Paramount at Delta Remediation

COR Certified

DELTA Remediation has a safety program that has been awarded a “Certificate of Recognition” (COR) by the Alberta Construction Safety Association with scores far exceeding industry standards.

Compliance Excellence

Delta Remediation is recognized for achieving compliance excellence through ComplyWorks. With a commitment to safety, risk management, and regulatory adherence, Delta Remediation adeptly navigates complex compliance landscapes.

ISN Network Membership

Delta Remediation's acknowledgment on ISNetworld reflects our dedication to excellence. It affirms our compliance with rigorous standards, emphasizing safety, industry adherence, and exceptional service.

ESAA Membership

Delta Remediation joins the Environmental Services Association Alberta in reaffirming our commitment to sustainable practices and continuous improvement in the environmental services sector.