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  • The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Robert Swan

  • The Earth does not ask us where we stand. The Earth does not ask us whether we are ready. The Earth is shifting, the Earth is moving. We have to be ready. Rebecca Solnit

Cubic Meters of Soil Treated


Estimated Dollars Saved

4,000,000 Million

Projects Completed

200 +

  • Case Study

    Rapid Destruction of Hydrocarbons

    Time On Site19 Days
    Pollutant Reduction99%
    Remediation TypeWater

    In 2021, a Southern Alberta lagoon was contaminated with 5,000 liters of crude oil. Delta Remediation's BioLogix® quickly degraded 99.99% of the oil in three weeks, avoiding costly conventional clean-up methods and significantly reducing local water treatment costs.

    Alberta, Canada
  • Case Study

    Petroleum Bioremediation

    Site Size5,000 sq. ft
    Pollutant Reduction90%
    Remediation TypeGroundwater / Soil

    Delta Remediation’s BioLogix successfully treated petroleum contamination at key U.S. sites, including Santa Barbara, Redding, and the Florida Panhandle, showcasing its ability to meet environmental standards efficiently.

    United States
  • Case Study

    Boston Underground Storage Tank

    Site Size5,000 sq. ft
    BioLogix Volume1,200L
    Remediation TypeGroundwater / Soil

    In Boston, a UST leak contaminated groundwater beneath a commercial lot. Delta Remediation's BioLogix swiftly reduced hydrocarbons in 5,000 sq ft, tackling xylene, toluene, and ethylbenzene in glacial terrain.

    Boston, Massachusetts


Our Results

Delta Remediation, an Alberta-based leader in bioremediation, showcases its BioLogix technology in our case studies. Witness how BioLogix transforms contaminated sites globally, breaking down pollutants into harmless byproducts, saving costs, and reducing liabilities. Explore our case studies for insights into BioLogix's effectiveness in real-world environmental challenges.

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Our Mission

Delta Remediation's commitment to environmental remediation extends globally, with significant experience in Africa and North America, targeting landscape pollution and enhancing health and the environment. We deliver safe, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for hydrocarbon contamination in soil and water. Our proficiency in managing fuel spills and legacy crude impacts is demonstrated across varied sites, utilizing natural microbial products for effective remediation.

Our team, skilled in civil earthworks, hydrogeology, and microbiology, offers top-tier remediation services worldwide. Safety is a cornerstone of our operations, as evidenced by our zero incident record and ISN and ComplyWorks certifications. Our certified professionals are well-equipped to handle diverse industrial environments.

Holding the "Certificate of Recognition" from the Alberta Construction Safety Association underscores our dedication to safety and excellence, positioning us as a leading remediation company with a strong commitment to improving health and the environment on a global scale.

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    We must preserve the beauty of this world for future generations to cherish, just as we have been fortunate enough to do so.

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Meet Our Team

Delta Remediation's team consists of highly skilled professionals committed to delivering innovative and sustainable remediation services for industrial clients. Boasting an extensive background in civil earthworks, industrial recycling, environmental engineering, consulting, and bioremediation, our experts bring over 100 years of combined experience to each project. At the core of our operations is a steadfast commitment to safety, ingrained in our culture and embraced by every member, from top management to the newest employee.

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BioLogix is an innovative solution that amplifies naturally occurring hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria to break down contaminants effectively into harmless byproducts like carbon dioxide and water. Developed and created in partnership with 4 Canadian universities, BioLogix is a sustainable and eco-friendly technology that can remediate many contaminants, including refined and unrefined petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, and pesticides.

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  • What makes BioLogix technology unique?

    What sets BioLogix apart is that the technology culminates multiple single-source bioremediation solutions in one package. By combining biostimulation technology (BioLogix Nutrient), bioaugmentation technology (BioLogix Microbes), and surfactant-enhanced bioremediation (SEB) (BioLogix Surfactant), Delta Remediation is doing what many have thought to be impossible in the realm of bioremediation.

  • How fast can BioLogix remove petroleum contamination?

    Every site is unique, making this question challenging to answer; however, remediation goals are typically met in a few (3-4) warm months. Numerous successful case studies showcase the rapid effectiveness of BioLogix in various applications. From hydrocarbon spills on land, water, and muskeg to oil and gas well sites, bulk fuel stations, and underground storage tank leaks, BioLogix has proven its capabilities. BioLogix has consistently achieved complete hydrocarbon remediation in significantly shorter timelines than competing methods.

  • Is BioLogix environmentally friendly and compliant with regulations?

    Absolutely! BioLogix was designed with both environmental safety and regulatory compliance in mind. Our microbial products have earned approvals from the NCP (National Contingency Plan) and were approved on the DSL (Domestic Substances List). They are non-controlled substances and can be shipped worldwide without restrictions. We take pride in providing a solution that effectively remediates contamination and ensures that goals are met responsibly.

  • How does Delta Remediation support customers during the remediation process?

    Getting started with BioLogix is simple! Our team of experts is more than happy to assist you from start to finish. We will even spend a few hours assessing your environmental situation without cost or commitment. Whether you need in-situ or ex-situ remediation, we'll provide a personalized remedial action plan to meet your goals. We work closely with 3rd party environmental consultants to ensure that our remediation efforts are confirmed without bias, which ensures your site is clean of contaminants.

Key Features

Highly Effective

Effectively breaks down petroleum and toxic organics for high-performance contamination cleanup.

Sustainable Solution

Eco-friendly, non-genetically modified solution, preserving natural ecosystems.

Rapid Action

Degrades petroleum at a rate of 15 mg/L/hr for a fast and efficient restoration.

Industry Compliant

BioLogix is fully compliant with regulatory standards, including approvals from NCP and DSL, and is being used globally by Delta partners.

Versatile Application

Effective in in-situ or ex-situ applications, BioLogix tackles various contamination scenarios.


Thanks to the rapid growth of bacteria, BioLogix reduces manufacturing and application costs, providing a budget-friendly solution.

100% Organic

Non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and non-volatile, BioLogix is a safe and sustainable solution for the environment and humans.

Field Tested

Successfully used in a variety of applications, BioLogix has been proven to be a reliable and effective solution.

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