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Innovative Culture

At Delta, our commitment to innovation guides us in constantly exploring new horizons in remediation techniques. We take pride in pioneering fast acting, organic and effective remediation solutions. By taking advantage of our long history in the industry in combination with our team's background in biology and chemistry we are continually evolving our products and processes. BioLogix remediation creates a positive impact both in environmental sustainability as well as our clients' bottom line.

100% Organic remediation

BioLogix is an innovative solution that amplifies naturally occurring hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria to break down contaminants effectively into harmless byproducts like carbon dioxide and water. Developed and created in partnership with 4 Canadian universities, BioLogix is a sustainable and eco-friendly technology that can remediate many contaminants, including refined and unrefined petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, and pesticides.



Discovery of Microbial Decomposition

The groundbreaking discovery in microbial decomposition opened new avenues in bioremediation, setting the stage for innovative environmental solutions.


Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Bioremediation, which was used extensively in the Exxon Valdez spill proved to the world that hydrocarbon degrading bacteria can be a viable solution for complex petroleum spills.


Foundation of Delta Remediation

Delta Remediation was founded with the purpose of transforming the field of environmental remediation.


NSERC Grant Awards

Delta Remediation Awarded over $150,000 in Government grants to complete research and development of BioLogix technologies.


Release of BioLogix 2XP

The launch of BioLogix in 2018 showcased our pioneering technology in bioremediation, offering an advanced, eco-friendly solution for contaminant elimination.


Completion of First Major Internaitonal Project

NIgeria - HYPREP Soil Bioremediation at NKELEOKEN ALODE. SECTION A (LOT 3) 14,500 m³ successfully treated.


Completion of Bioremediaiton in Canadian Arctic

Dominion Diamonds confirms successful bioremediaiton of soils contaminated with Long Chain (F2-F4G) contaminants.


Release of ScreenLogix

ScreenLogix, introduced in 2020 by Delta Remediation, revolutionizes soil testing with quick, reliable hydrocarbon contamination detection.


Delta Recognized by Government of Canada

Trade Comisioners Service recognizes Delta Remediation as a leader and innovator in the Environemtnal Industry.


BioLogix Re²Growth Bioreactor Field Tested

Over 26,000m³ of fuel oil contaminated soils treated in remote Canadian community utilizing bacteria grown on site with the BioLogix Re²Growth Bioreactor.

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