BioLogix Archaea Consortium

Cleaning up oil spills is a critical concern, and while nature has a natural ability to address such incidents, human activities often introduce more hydrocarbon pollution than nature can promptly manage. Delta Remediation offers an effective solution by enhancing the natural process of oil degradation. Delta Remediation utilizes BioLogix Microbes to accelerate the rate of natural degradation in contaminated environments. These microbes, shipped in a dormant state within a bentonite-clay based carrier, activate upon contact with water. The dissolution of the carrier may temporarily cloud the water, which is a normal occurrence. BioLogix Microbes, a consortium of three types derived from robust environments like undersea vents and volcanic sites, undergo natural enhancement in sea water and ammonia, utilizing sweet Texas crude oil as their sole food source. This process results in 100% natural, resilient, and fast-acting microbes with a specific affinity for oil, hydrocarbons, and organic waste. Importantly, these BioLogix Archaea Microbes have not undergone genetic alterations and have been included in the DSL (Canada) and US EPA National Contingency List since inception. The applications of BioLogix Microbes span various sectors, including industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, plumbing maintenance, spill control, septic tanks, odor control, bioremediation for soil, water, and stormwater, as well as applications in agriculture and aquaculture for eliminating ammonia in stormwater and addressing oily water concerns in separators, containment sumps, and lagoons.

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