ScreenLogix TPH Test Kit

Delta Remediation (Delta) has developed the ScreenLogix Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) soil test kit that can quickly and effectively determine the type and concentration of hydrocarbon contamination in soils. This method of testing (a manual extraction and visual color comparison technique) is known as a Friedel Crafts reaction. Friedel Crafts reaction is the synthesis of hydrocarbons and ketones by the alkylation or acylation of an aromatic compound in the presence of a catalyst, typically anhydrous aluminium chloride and solvent. The soil test kit is extremely useful as an accurate, sensitive and inexpensive tool for the assessment of contamination in soil and by hydrocarbon compounds. The soil test kit is not designed to compete with laboratory sampling but rather guide the user on where to invest the lab sampling as well as to provide reliable data in the field. Benefits: • Reliable data when you need it • User-friendly • Economical (less than 10% of lab) • Effective testing: • Crude oil • Diesel • Gasoline • Lubricating and hydraulic oils • Dictates where to invest in gathering lab samples

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