Groundwater & Surface Water

Revitalizing Water Pollution

Groundwater is a common conduit for contaminants, moving them through subsurface areas. Delta Remediation tackles surface and groundwater pollution using bioremediation. Our Biologix tech, soluble in water, efficiently breaks down organic contaminants in aquifers and surface water bodies. We offer comprehensive treatment services, addressing soil and water contamination in a single event.

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Simultaneous Soil and Water Remediation
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The Real Cost Of Remediation

Bioremediation offers superior contaminant removal rates of up to 90% or higher, outstripping traditional methods. It also brings remarkable economic savings, reducing costs by 50% to 75% compared to conventional approaches. This efficient and budget-friendly approach proves its worth in both effective restoration and financial impact.

Our Process

Revolutionizing Water Restoration

Delta Remediation prioritizes meticulous processes in water remediation, beginning with precise pollutant identification via comprehensive assessments. Our tailored strategies and transparent communication foster client confidence, while stringent monitoring guarantees effective restoration of water quality, providing dependable solutions.

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  • 1. Assessment and Analysis

    There are four main types of soil remediation methods to remove pollutants and contamination: bioremediation, chemical remediation, thermal remediation, and physical remediation.

  • 2. Treatment Design and Implementation

    Deploy in-situ or ex-situ bioremediation methods, introducing microbes or amendments to degrade pollutants and treat contaminated soil or water effectively.

  • 3. Monitoring and Verification

    Continuously monitor the remediation process, collecting data on contaminant levels and environmental parameters, and evaluate effectiveness to ensure soil or water quality meets standards and client expectations.

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Explore innovative environmental solutions with Delta Remediation. Whether it's soil remediation, oil spill cleanup, sulfolane removal, or groundwater remediation, we're your trusted partner for sustainable practices. Let's work together to create a cleaner future. Contact Delta Remediation today.

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